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In order to accommodate the massive amounts of roofing shingles produced at the Deetz Slate Mine, a pontoon bridge was laid to span the St. Louis River with railway laid on either side.

All sites are priced per two people, each additional person is $3.50 extra per night, children 2 and under are free, limit of 2 vehicles per  campsite

Check Out Time -11 AM

Campground Open May 1 - December 31, call for actual closing date


Historical Paper

  • $2 for Newspaper with many Historical articles about the Deetz mine and the local area, please see "Contact Us" page for information on how to order a copy.

Fire Wood

  • $2.99 for a large box and we deliver to your site ( We are a State approved firewood vendor)


  • $24.00 for 30 Amp Service-water/elec no sewer
  • $27.00 for 50 amp service-water/elec no sewer
  • $27.00 for 30 AMP service with water,electric, and sewer
  • Weekly $140 (without sewer hookup)


  • With electric - $22 per night
  • Without electric - $18 per night


  • $140 per week (includes water, electric, but no sewer hookup)
  • Sewer pumping service is free


  • 30 Amp site: $385 (includes water, electric, and tank pumping service, no sewer hookup)
  • 30 Amp site: $420 (includes water, electric, and sewer hookup)
  • 50 Amp site: $420 (includes water, electric, but no sewer hookup)
  • 50/30 Amp sites with electric meter: $330 + electric
  • Sewer pumping service is free


  • Seasonal rate is $1925 for 5 Months (May thru September)
  • Includes water, electric, and tank pumping service
  • Free winter storage
  • Seniors get 10% discount


  • Scout and Educational Groups camp free with purchase of tee shirts
  • Free ice, firewood and crawlers


  • Visitors must register at office, $1 for each visitor


  • Kayak and Canoe launching in the St. Louis River is free for campers
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