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Circa 1898

Circa 1930

Marcie and Mike Stolberg with their two children Tekie and John at Esko, Minnesota


Knife Island Cabins had a legal license from 1921-1954. Left of the sign in the background is the "Old Deetz Slate Mine Quarry". Right of the sign in the background is Knife Island.

Left to right: Two brothers of Minnie McIntire (John McIntire's second wife), John McIntire's granddaughter from his first marriage, John's daughter Stella from first marriage, John McIntire (1850-1936 Marcie's grandpa), Stella's husband.

photo from 1930
photo from 1899
marcie and family 2004
Left to Right: Marcie, John, and Tekie
marcie, teckie, john


Right to Left: Marcie and daughter Tekie, Marcie's Father Louis and his wife Helen.
marcie with father
Through the years
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