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Come Camp in the Beautiful Duluth, Minnesota Area
Spending some time in the woods can be good for your health; both physical and mental.

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Phone:  (218)879-6063

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Knife Island Campground

234 County Road 61

Esko, MN 55733



Because old highway 61 and County Road 61 overlap each other, many web map search sites such as Google Maps and Mapquest are confused as to the exact location of Knife Island Campground.

GPS units have the same problem.

All will get you to County Road 61. Simply go west on County Road 61 less than 5 miles to the St. Louis River. The one and only Knife Island Campground will be on the south side of County Road 61 at the river. Please click here for a map and the best directions to Knife Island Campground.


Important Note:


marcie, tekie, and john

Welcome to Our Campground!!

Marcie (the Boss),

Johnathan (Recreational Officer, Grounds Keeper, Knife Island Paint Ball Business Owner),

Tekie (Office Manager, Firewood Sales)

marcie, tekie, johnathan in front
Marcie, Johnathan, Tekie (seated) With Family at Knife Island Campground
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