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The Deetz Slate Mine Quarry was the first business in Thomson Township and Carlton County other than fur-trading.

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Knife Island Campground is set in a natural state, with wooded areas throughout the sites.  It affords a fantastic geological classroom with the slate rock formations caused by the glaciers.  It is a historical landmine, and due to these facts, we do not allow any of these rock outcrops to be disturbed.  We also do not allow any digging or burying of refuse, or the use of metal detectors.  We want to insure that the natural beauty and historical enhancements are here and undisturbed for future generations to view and enjoy.  We would also like to remind our guests that although we are nestled between a major freeway and highway, wildlife is in abundance.  And remember, wild comes before life, in wildlife, so use caution at all times.  Do Not approach or agitate any wild animals, as they may ATTACK!

Thank you for considering us on your next visit, and if you are staying with us... WELCOME!

Marcie, John & Tekla


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